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Enterprise Integration Management (EIM): A Practical Approach to Delivering Data Quality

The Left Bank Review Press is launching its first technical publication Enterprise Integration Management (EIM): A Practical Approach to Delivering Data Quality as the first in a series of collected papers written by information technology practitioners, called Notes from the Field. The book describes data quality dimensions such as consistency, completeness and accuracy and their role in the variety of types of available data. The book discusses data quality classifications by dynamic and static levels of change. Our practitioners bring the topic of data inaccuracy  home to the reader by offering examples as diverse as needless back-orders due to out-of-stock products marked as in-stock, the 2008 financial crisis on Wall Street and the recent debacle surround MERs and discrepant mortgage investor records. Our practitioners offer explanation and guidance to begin and promote data quality programs.

Anticipated release date: First Quarter, 2010


Trumpalin 2012 (the Oh The Humanity tour)

Trumpalin 2012 (the Oh The Humanity tour)

Bill Gallo, Cartoonist and Columnist for the New York Daily News Dies at 88

NEW YORK (AP) - Bill Gallo, a cartoonist and columnist for the New York Daily News, whose playful characters included that of New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner as General Von Steingrabber, has died. He was 88.


Gallo, who worked for the paper for seven decades, died Tuesday from complications of pneumonia at White Plains Hospital, the News reported Tuesday.


"His death closed a chapter in the storied history of The News," said Daily News Chairman and publisher Mortimer Zuckerman told the paper. "The passing of our great cartoonist, colleague and friend Bill Gallo marks the end of an era."


Gallo profiled in ink and sometimes in words most of the great sports figures of the past century, going back to Jack Dempsey, Man O' War, Jesse Owens and Dizzy Dean and his St. Louis Cardinals' Gas House Gang. The latter were his secret heroes, he told The Associated Press in an interview in 2000, secret because he devoted a lifetime at a drawing bo ard to amusing New York's rabidly loyal sports fans.


Among his memorable characters, aside from General Von Steingrabber, were Basement Bertha and Yuchie, who represented devoted Mets fans. The News said Gallo's last cartoon ran in the paper on April 19. It showed Bertha window shopping and hoping to be invited to the royal wedding.


Bill Gallo: Image from Associated Press (AP)

Arnost Lustig Dies at Age 84

PRAGUE (AP) — Arnost Lustig, an author who escaped from a Nazi death transport to make the Holocaust the main theme of his fiction has died. He was 84.

Jana Jelinkova, spokeswoman for Prague's Kralovske Vinohrady university clinic says Lustig died early Saturday. He had been battling cancer for five years.

Born in Prague in 1926, Lustig survived Auschwitz and two other Nazi camps before he managed to escape from a train that was transporting him to another one — Dachau — in 1945.

His experience was reflected in his books, including "A Prayer for Katerina Horowitzova" and "Diamonds of the Night."

In 1994, he received a literary award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters for exceptional accomplishment.

Arnost Lustig

Andree Chedid: Obituary

PARIS (AP) - Andree Chedid, an Egyptian-born French poet and writer known for giving lyrical expression to everyday experiences and celebrating cultural diversity, has died, her publisher said. She was 90.

Chedid died on Sunday (February 6, 2011) in Paris, where she settled after the end of World War II, the Flammarion publishing house said.

The prolific Cairo-born writer of Lebanese descent wrote volumes of poetry, novels, stories, plays, children's books and songs, including a hit for her grandson Matthieu Chedid, a French pop star whose stage name is "M." Her son, Louis Chedid, is also a well-known French singer.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said she was part of a "generation of cosmopolitan intellectuals who chose France as their adopted land after the war, helping bring about a literary renaissance in our country."

Her novels included "Le Sixieme jour," about a family struggling with a cholera outbreak. Youssef Chahine, one of Egypt's most lauded movie directors, adapted it for the cinema.

In an homage, French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand wrote that Chedid was "very careful to reveal the secret side of things, to show them as they are and not to disguise the tragedies in life. She also wanted to show its beauties, greatness and joys, and all that gives hope to our daily lives, despite adversity."





Andree Chedid -  Retrieved from Pas Un Autre

Weimar Culture and the Female Cyborg


I clearly recall the appearance of the [Tiller Girls] in the season of their glory. When they formed an undulating snake, they radiantly illustrated the virtues of the conveyor belt; when they tapped their feet in fast tempo, it sounded like business, business...when they kept repeating the same movements without ever interrupting their routine, one envisioned an uninterrupted chain of autos gliding from the factories into the world, and believed that the blessings of prosperity had no end. (Siegfried Kracauer, "Girls and Crisis")i



The ambivalent relationship towards woman and the machine expressed in Post World War I Weimar cultural constructions signals a fear of modernization, Americanization, Fordism, Taylorism, and of the New Woman figure. German cultural critics from the political left and right articulated the double dread of technology and the female body, which took shape in the creation of machine as femme fatale.

The notion of woman as machine is an historical tension addressed by Weimar Sex Reformers who were concerned with contraception and the rationalization of female sexuality. The conflation of woman and machine also appears in the essays of progressive social critic Siegfried Kracauer. This form of cultural critique provides an historical backdrop for the reading of Weimar filmic texts. In Fritz Lang's film Metropolis (1926), the image of the robotic femme fatale represents the conflation of technology and woman, which must be controlled.

Metropolis - Green Cyborg

Bertolt Brecht: Politics and Epic Theater

From “To Posterity”
by Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht

Tunnel Of Love

The shrill starting horn squawked its goosed goose cry into the pre-dawn sky. In an unplanned but natural wave, the spectators lining the lake jumped, arms punctuating the air like startled waterbirds, before settling back to their perches. The first wave of swimmers -- depending on their level of confidence and expertise -- ran, dove or walked gingerly into the lake water. Moments later the water was roiling and boiling around the school of women.

Dry and standing on the beach, I was relieved to be a biker and not a swimmer on my three-woman triathlon team. I was even more relieved to be participating on a team and not as an individual in the event. As the name implies, a triathlon unfolds in three phases: a 1.5 mile swim, a 12 mile bike ride; and a 5k (3.2 miles) run. I reasoned that, given enough time, I could complete any of the three events. But all three back-to-back? No thanks.

Apparently others shared my sentiments. A couple of months earlier, a local group had managed to gather four teams of three women each to compete in the “Trek Women's Triathlon”: a swimmer, a biker and a runner. We were 12 of the nearly 1200 women who registered for the event. And we were a mixed bag.

One of the women was a champion high school swimmer; several of us ran, biked or swam regularly; others played in tennis leagues. One woman got on a bike for the first time in her life; another was less than a year post major surgery; fully half of us were working mothers. All had signed on the bottom line and had already put out a lot of trash talk where many of the women
worked. Not a day passed without a reference to the race.

The place buzzed with bantering; boasts came from the most unlikely of egos. Before the ink was dry on the application, backing out was out of the question. So with the triathlon over a month away, exuberance reigned. Regardless of age, job, or
ability to talk trash, we were committed.

Merle Streep: Interview

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